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All in one blockchain with unlimited potential for GameFi, NFT, DeFi and Web3.




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Base concept

Hyperchain is a Layer one blockchain which supports users to approach the NFT world, GameFi projects, Staking, Yield farming services, swap, and wallet in the most straightforward way. All-in-one blockchain – Hyperchain


Main advantages

$HYP Gas for users

Gas burning is the best way to eliminate the inflation of $HYP tokens. Most of the Gas fee will be burned; this will pump the $HYP token price significantly.


Cheapest fee

The fee estimated in Hyerchain is stable at 0.001$, and the percentage of Gas fee burned will change due to the change of Blockchain activities – which will guarantee to pump $HYP price significantly in the early stage and keep $HYP price stable in the long term.


Hyperchain with 100,000 TPS plus

Hyperchain improves scalability by using blockchain’s underlying proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. With the cheapest fee, Hyerchain supports the fastest transactions (100,000+ TPS). This will supports all Dapps in our Ecosystem to grow fast with low cost and security.



Our destination is a blockchain that helps Web3 projects to approach easier. Hence, projects such as GameFi, NFT, Defi and Web3 can build their Dapps most easily and cheaply. This will indirectly reduce users’ fees.


Secure & insured

Our blockchain uses PoS to ensure that users’ money is always safe. Our validators will authenticate and confirm transactions before that transaction takes place.

Easy to use

Our interface will be built for users. With accessible UX/UI, we help users to use Dapps and Defi services within one click. Less knowledge needed more comfortable experiences.

Hyperchain mission

Our mission is build an ecosystem where both projects and users can have great experiences,  fastest transtaction with cheapest fee. GameFi, NFT, DeFi and Web3 services in All-in-one ecosystem !

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